Thorns, Spines, And Prickles

  How do you mark your progress through a book? What sort of place-holders do you use? Any? Me, I use none. Purists would cringe at my page folding, spine bending, postcard/Post-it/cinema ticket inserting-cum-bookmarking skills; the kind of techniques solely reserved for guilt-free communion with (hopefully) musty pages. Hey, at least it’s not a big fat rasher […]

The Buzz Of A Buzz

  There’s nothing better than rubbing a chubby baby’s tummy, and I can’t seem to resist doing the same on a buzzed head. Charlize Theron looked epic in Mad Max: Fury Road. I wanted to shave my locks right there and then. There’s something about a shorn crown and how it’s really most conducive to a good rub. You […]

Growing Your Life Force

  Physis. Or qi. Or kundalini. Or eros. Or even latima (that’s what they call it in East Africa fyi. Lush isn’t it?). The energetic force that is awakened in anything that grows. The bulb that pushes its shoots magnificently through the earth to bloom. You remember when you were a kid fizzing with excitement […]

Cultural Omnivores

  I’m always ransoming one piece of jumped-up middlebrow shit for one highbrow masterpiece that’s probably lost forever, and one lowbrow experience from a place so doltish, so far down the evolutionary table, that only I and certain neanderthals with opposed thumbs can laugh at them. Kinda joking. The essence of life eh. We’re committed […]

Snap, Crackle, Pop!

  In one of my favorite books, The English Patient, the nurse tells how her father would take his dog’s paw in his hand and sniff, as if it was a bouquet. It revealed, he expounded, “the aromas of a garden, a field of grasses, a walk through cyclamen—a concentration of hints of all the paths […]

Two People, Just Meeting, Barely Touching Each Other

  There comes a time when, more than anything else in your entire life, you want to kiss a certain someone for the first time. And that moment scratches a line across your life path, dividing it into the time before you kissed them and the time after you kissed. One of my favourite historical […]

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