Gone Bananas


The quality of Somali bananas, aficionados say, is near unmatched in taste and texture, which is apparently due to their unique growing conditions; soil, irrigation systems and obviously tender loving care. And so it went that I had to try one yesterday and had a colleague who was simultaneously passing the Somali Halal Food Market in Syracuse on the way back from Onondaga County – love me such stellar synchronicities and a well-travelled nana.

Those aficionados were damn right: sweet, a bit sour and vanilla-y all at once. I actually like to freeze my bananas when they’re covered in brown spots – this is when they are at their sweetest and most creamy – and then blend however many I fancy with tahini (Meridian makes a great one) and vanilla almond milk, finishing off with a hearty sprinkle of crumbled carob or my friend Jenna’s amazing range of Upcakes Peanut Butter Cups on top; the siren call of soft serve satiated and a total mouth party.

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