Ice Ice Baby



I don’t know about you, but everything is a bit swollen at the moment; eyelids, cheeks and lips. Maybe it’s the Arctic temperatures, maybe it’s the cold I’ve been nursing for a week. It would seem counter intuitive to rub freezing cubes of ice over my face wouldn’t it? There’s actually nothing better to de-puff, drain blocked sinuses and sculpt hidden cheekbones. And if they’re colored, well then all the better.

All you have to do is steep green tea bags for a few minutes in hot (not boiling) water and then pour the mixture into ice cube trays and place in the freezer. When you want to use them, take out the cubes and run them quickly under water to prevent any sticking – they should glide smoothly over your face. P.S I don’t cover them in a muslin cloth before rubbing with them, but you can if you find them too cold to hold.

I give myself my own version of a lymphatic massage by applying pressure with the cube and sweeping it in upward and outward motions, pretty much all over. I’m convinced this works the majority of toxins out of my skin and everything suddenly looks plump and rosy. Warning: once you’ve succumbed there’s no going back.




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