If Not Now, Then When?


“If you imagine less, less will be what you undoubtedly deserve. Do what you love, and don’t stop until you get what you love. Work as hard as you can, imagine immensities, don’t compromise, and don’t waste time. Start now. Not 20 years from now, not two weeks from now. Now.”

Debbie Millman’s 2009 anthology, Look Both Ways: Illustrated Essays on the Intersection of Life and Design, is a treasure in its entirety, no matter what facet of life you’re exploring. My heart exploded with joy when I read it, most especially the little excepts shared here. If not now, then when?


source: brainpickings.com

3 replies on “If Not Now, Then When?

  • Cheryl Lewis

    Would love to read this book ..love what you have quoted .. Now is the time .. Not tomorrow …. How true .. Definitely resonates and makes one think about what’s important in your life .. Thanks for sharing ..


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