Romancing The Stones


When I first saw emeralds of that colour in Victoire de Castellane’s creations for Dior Fine Jewellery, I was bewitched. Seeing stones larger than an elephant’s eye and scarfs of rough diamonds meant to evoke ivy growing through cobblestones made me fall in love with her work completely. Every collection I’ve ever seen only dazzling creations have abounded. I love her whimsical and kaleidoscopic designs that marry flowers with skulls, where rings take the shape of gold slippers (Cinderella is my favourite fairy tale after all) and all my childhood girly fantasies come true in a trail of coloured diamonds. I also love her signature blunt cut fringe because I’ll never be able to have one, and that she’s inspired by everything from vampires to snow globes – it’s sort of like a two fingers up to fine jewellery and I find it infinitely exciting.



3 replies on “Romancing The Stones

  • Jeanette Marcus

    Gosh. You have your mammas taste. Emerald is the only Jewel colour I can relate too. I get you completely but you write in a way that is way up there …. Perfection.
    Love you K

  • Cheryl Lewis

    Absolutely love emeralds .. their deep green colour evoke feelings of mysticism .. Rich and exotic ..splendour as from an ancient world .. Very uplifting too .. So it is so interesting to see a modern take on this beautiful stone by a fine jeweller .. Love your descriptions .. Kay .. ????


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