Tea & Sympathy


The antioxidant tisanes from Mariage Frères, that eternally chic tea merchant in Paris, are probably the best in the world. I’ve started to experiment with the various flavors (as well as drinking copious cups, especially of Pleine Lune, an almond and spice black tea mix that smells of marzipan and tastes like pastries) by straining them in boiling water to extract the scent and then mixing the juice into oils to create bespoke fragrances. For a ready-made aromatic fix, I love burning their Thé Rouge tea-scented candle which is redolent of night-time warmth and a sweet ally for the pejorative temperature onslaught.

Mariage Frères Marais // 30, Rue du Bourg-Tibourg, 75004, Paris

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